Web Design Portfolio

Below is a selection of web sites and services that I have contributed design and code to over the years. Most sites are completely my work, where a few are collaborations. Some were static pages, while others were implementations of content management systems such as Postnuke, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Google Sites, Wix, DNN, etc.

http://www.open.org/croswalk/ (June 1998)

(no screenshot)
eastpark.org (1999)

Delta Plastics (Jan. 2000)

idahorec.com (May 2000)

balm-of-gilead.org (2000)

(no screenshot)
http://www.geocities.com/gbcbyouth/ (Mar. 2002)

digital surveillance.org (Aug.

gracebiblechurch.cc (2004-2005)

hettinger.us (2006)

(no screenshot)

mvbible.org (2005)

mvbible.org (April 2005)

mccallbaptistchurch.com (2006)

hettinger.name (Aug. 2007)

pyroc.com (Jan. 2008)

JCfabricators.com (2008)

maflt.org (2008-2012)

npbc.education (2017)

ownerrecords.com (2019)

refrigerantmanagementsolutions.com (2020)

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