December 2, 2017

Coffee Rant - The Kona Coffee and Tea Company Private Reserve 100% Kona Coffee: Peaberry

Tranquil waves rhythmically resound upon the lava seashore. 🏝️ Coral rock and broken seashells line the beach sands. 🏖️ The cirrus clouds float gently upon the afternoon trade-winds. 🌤️ The stoic palm trees rise high above the sands, slowly swaying in the breeze. 🌴

Peaberrys are coffee beans that have been compressed at the center of supernovae.  Resulting in a super abundance of flavor and coff-ee-nicity. 

Characteristics: The rich red earth of the volcanic islands mixed with sunny beach breezes. This coffee provides a definitive cornerstone of the Kona region; delivering a sublime coffee experience. Coupled with Hawaiian steel guitar music and the morning breezes of the Kona area of the Big Island, it produces a tranquility akin to floating among the clouds. 🌺 Now with island emoji.