September 24, 2009

Books and things

I've recently finished the Great Book of Amber, by Roger Zelazny.  The Great Book of Amber is great because it is 10 books combined into one.  Zelazny crafted a fantastical universe where the powers of order are pitted against the forces of chaos, and all the above are continually plotting intrigues.  The book is written in a first person perspective, which sometimes leans into stream of consciousness styling.  A fun read and an interesting universe.

September 10, 2009

New/Used Car

Recently swapped out the Explorer for a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  This vehicle has four wheel drive, which should ferry us around the parking lot in the ski hill better than the Explorer.  We've already taken it camping and broken it in a little, and it's definately a fun SUV to drive. Yay!

Monkey Island

I've recently been enjoying the computer game Tales of Monkey Island.  It's a fun game in the vein of Kings Quest or Space Quest.  It has precursors from that era, too.
The 3D rendered game brings a new aspect to those past games of puzzle questing.  It looks like they have a Sam and Max game that also is available in installments, though I haven't looked at them yet.  The Sam and Max game from long ago was one of my all time favorite for the sarcasm of the characters, and zanyness of the plot.