December 14, 2006

iPod Video

Along with the new vehicle and stereo, came a new iPod. I previously had a iPod nano. Ipods are nice mp3 players, with good audio fidelity (similar in quality to software players utilizing floating point calculations). They lack some basic mp3 player functions, such as nested playlists, changeable batteries. However, after my nano survived a whole lap in a pool in Africa, they have achieved my approval. They are rather trendy in their minimalistic lines silly and candy flavors. Making my glovebox an excellent place for them. Apple only sells the nano, shuffle, or the video versions now, so I opted for the video. In looking for a good transcoder for video, that runs on windows, I found several medium priced products. I think that they were actually just the same product with different skins. After a little hunting, I found a great freeware one called videora, that worked very well.


I recently upgraded to a newer vehicle. Yes, gone are the days or taking my Mustang convertible on logging roads that suburbans fear to tread upon. No, I have a vehicle with more than 3" of clearance. It's a return to something aking to my '66 Ford Truck. Instead of being a truck though, it's an SUV; a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. It also had an upgrade to it's stereo capabilities. Though there wasn't room for the vaunted riocar (linux on wheels), I did drop a nice Sony xplod marine CD head in with an iPod controller. Marine you say... Semper Fidelis Exploris.

December 4, 2006

Don Quixote

I've been reading Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes. I've had it on my list of things to read since the last millenium, so I figured I'd best be getting around to it. Definately a fun read so far. I also found some stickers of the Charmin' bears. Along with trading bumper stickers and antennae balls with my friend Edgar.