June 14, 2005

Pine Flats Hotsprings and Breadloaf Rock

Took a trip up to the Pine Flats Hotsprings today. A friend and I went to Kirkham hotsprings first, then headed to Bonneville hotsprings, but there was a loggin operation closing the road. They were going to fall a very large tree across the road. So we turned around and went to Pine Flats. I hadn't been there in ages, and they have made a nice second pool. It was excellent, and there was a nice black rubberized mat bottom on one of the pools. The water was cascading down the face of the mountain and the wind was blowing some cool streams off. On the way back, we stopped by the incognito landmark Bread Loaf Rock.

June 5, 2005

Geo Metro Convertible

I've been interested in small cars for quite some time. I had a roommate in college who drove a Geo Metro, and it was actually rather impressive. He once got it to go over 100 mph. And then I had another roommate who had a Ford Aspire, and it was certainly fun driving that in Los Angeles traffic. However, I've never really been able to put my finger on why there are Geo Metro Convertibles. Maybe they are big in Europe? This super economy car doesn't seem to fit having a convertible top, in my mind. Nevertheless, I've spotted them off and on over the years. And it happened again the other day, and it was in a parking lot. And I parked my red mustang convertible right next to this red geo convertible. I guess our cars are convertible buddies. They kindof remind me of cars having Biplanes on their Trunks.

June 3, 2005

Digital Photo Frame

I've been working on a Digital Picture Frame. This is take two for such an attempt. I made one two or three years years ago, however, it was on a laptop that had power issues. Such that it would go into power saving (which was hard coded into the bios), and was not fixable without a fully charged battery (which didn't exist). Anyway, it was a fun project, and worked passable for a while. However, of late, thanks to Andy, I've come into posession of another laptop, that is more suitable for the project. So, PhotoFrame V.2.0 has arrived.