March 31, 2009

Arizona, California, Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon

We recently arrived home from our vacation to the South. We went to Arizona, California, Mexico, Colorado, and Oregon. Although we weren't expecting to spend much time in Denver, and Portland was a complete surprise. The temperature in Meridian dropped into the thirties and fourties while we were gone, which was fortuitous for us to be in the warm southern climes.
     Went to San Diego, and met with some friends at Seaport Village and then toured the Aircraft Carrier Midway, a floating museum. We then headed to Los Angeles to meet with Melissa's brother and visit the Getty museum.
     The next stop of our tour was at Disneyland. It was busy due to spring break, but we optimized our time there with the help of and had a wonderful visit. The fireworks display was especially nice due to the large crowds, I think.

March 30, 2009

iPhone Retrogaming: Rogue Touch

I recently picked up Rogue Touch for the iPhone. It's basically a port of the old text character based adventure game, Rogue. I played a version of Rogue called Epyx (download) extensively when I was bored and disconnected in Nigeria.  Then there is Nethack.  Here is a good version of Nethack.

March 11, 2009

Snow Skiing

Melissa and I have season passes for the 2009/2010 season at Bogus Basin. One of the benefits of buying next year's pass near the end of the season is that you can use it for this year (if you don't have one already). So we've managed to get to the hill twice so far.

I've also started to run a little for exercise. I am hoping to make a habit out of it. I am using to help me keep tabs on my progress. The weather has been bouncing around lately, which makes some days good for skiing and other days good for running. As Spring pops up shortly, hopefully I will get a chance to get out to the hot springs.