July 14, 2005


So I'm going to visit Philadelphia in early August. They have Wawa's and Beau Monde. Philly apparently offers real Morrocan food, instead of the lesser Maruchan? alternative. Independence Hall, the Firehouse, and the Last Drop Coffeehouse all reside there, too. Absolutely splendid, really. But it's even better than that!

July 4, 2005

Fourth of July!

After two and a half weeks of camps, and working nights in between, i've spent the last part of the weekend sleeping, and recovering from camps. We had a Family camp, a Junior High camp, and a High School camp that I was helping to run. It's definatly nice to be done. I'm up in the great city of McCall, to view the annual fireworks. My family usually spends the 4th up here to see the fireworks over the lake. For some reason, the city of cascade has their fireworks on the third. Apparently they can't compete with McCall, or they are celebrating some unknown holiday.

7-4-5 Book Report

I've recently been reading, though not much, as I've been staying busy: Worldly Saints : The Puritans as They Really Were by Leland Ryken. I read parts of this book in Seminary and really enjoyed it. I picked it up as I was leaving seminary, and now have a chance to dive back in and enjoy it. I also recently picked up the book A Community of Character, by Stanley Hauerwas. A friend of mine said that he found it really interesting, and well written. It basically deals with Christian Ethics, but I haven't gotten far into it yet. An interesting Hauerwas Online website. I've also been reading the Grande Armee book I started earlier. It's a nice mindless historical distraction.