September 29, 2004

I'm leaving in a Mustang...

So tommorow, I am moving back to Salem. I'm amped about the whole thing really. There was this one time, in the dawn of my college days that we all went down to the capital. It must of been some intense Aurora Borealis, or lightning, because at midnight we all caught sight of the golden man turning into the Golden Bowler. It was pretty spectacular. This photo is apparently an actual sighting of the Oregon State Capital Bowler.

September 25, 2004

Book Update 9.25.4

     I finished Tanequil, the sequil to the previous book I was reading. It was a good read, and those two were a needed change from what i had been reading.
       I picked up a book at Savers for 1.99, it was bound upside down. It is an anthology by David Perkins called English Romantic Writers. I has alot of great english poetry and has been fun to browse through.
      Rocky gave me a copy of George Orwell's Coming up for Air, although i don't know if i'll be able to work through it. The borland book is still delayed, i think i'm going to let amazon auto cancel it, maybe see if i can have someone pick it up who will be at ETS.

September 15, 2004

Latest Construction

     The website is about to experience its 20,000 hit. It's taken about a year (Oct 9th), so that makes about 55 hits per day (hpd). I redid the main theme. I will probably turn on the personal theme option in the user menus so that you can change it to something simpler and quicker loading if desired.     In other news, my dad is getting his arm operated on today. Yesterday and the day before I started up the '66 Ford. I am hoping to go out shooting sometime. I am also hoping to plan a campaign to conquer all of the hot springs.

Reading Report 9.15.4

I finished Breakfast of Champions. It was a fun book, but alot of the subject matter was a little too forward and harsh. He does present things with new and different perspectives, though. I picked another of the Shannara Saga to read through. I've been reading Terry Brooks since grade school, and he turns out a novel in the genre every year or two. I'm a bit behind though. I really like Brooks. He writes similar to tolkien, and with a very similar universe, however, he is alot more exciting, action oriented, and dramatic than the exhaustive Tolkien. Brooks was the first fiction writer to appear on the New York Times trade paperback bestseller list.

September 11, 2004

World of Warcraft

I was over at my friend Andy's last thursday night, and he was showing me the beta stress test for World of Warcraft. Now, Blizzard's games are among the best ever made as far as computer games go. They are extremely impressive, and alot of fun to play! Anyone who has ever played a few games of starcraft (especially multiplayer) knows that. The World of Warcraft game is a MMORPG. It is set in the warcraft saga, and has the characters from Warcraft 2 & 3. It looks like it has the same, or similar engine are Warcraft 3, and the characters have been finished up nicely for 1st person interaction.

Breakfast of Champions.

     So, having finished the Brothers Karamazov, and still waiting for my Borland book, I went over to the local Barnes and Nobles to browse around. I often see alot of books that I might be interested in, but none that I want to read at the moment. Anyway, after being a internet connected citizen for so long, I had heard about Kurt Vonnegut many times, and even seen his visa commercial. So, I decided to get one. I picked up Breakfast of Champions. It is definately reminiscent of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the best Science Ficition comedy ever written). It has more allusions and sarcasm and satire in it, and it blacker. But it is fun, too. And he puts entities in different and interesting perspectives.

Perhaps a New Camera?

Well, it looks like i might be starting to drum up some interest in Ion Idaho. So that is exciting. In other news, I sent an application to a Internet Provider to do onsite technical support (fixing computers). I'm kindof happy about that. I would get to work with cool people, too. Like Andy Simmons. Also, there is a friend of mine's church down in Twin Falls that might need some help, so I might be heading down there to help them out a bit.

September 8, 2004

Brothers Karamazov is done...

     I finished the Brothers Karamazov last weekend. I was going to finish it at our backwoods bungalow, however, there was a little adventure, so I ended up finishing it at the Moxie Java that overlooks the lake. Quite a scenic place!
     I remember when I learned how to spell the word Apple. It was my first word they taught me to spell at school. I remember liking books before I could read (for the pictures, of course!). I especially liked the encyclopedia; specifically the letter 'S.' 'S' had all the cool stuff. Submarines, the Sphinx, Sahara. Yeah. 'S' rocks.

I got two guns, one for each of ya

True story: The neighbor shot at me last weekend. I was inspecting the septic tank (in the process of being installed) at 11 pm and he had arrived home, slightly liquored. I heard some noise, so I aimed the flashlight over at his property, and Boom! a pistol went off. Needless to say, i didn't stay the night at our backwoods cabin that night. Instead, I drove to the beachfront paradise and went waterskiing the next morning. That did make me miss out on the hot springs though.

September 3, 2004

Too much sunshine makes deserts

The weather here is now taking a turn toward autumn.  It has already started to become cold.  I have forgotten what it is like to experience the true cold here.  The complete lack of humidity helps to make the cold behave differently, than say Oregon or California.  At this time of year, it makes you colder, but in the middle of winter, it seems to make o­ne more comfortable.  I really am glad that I'm starting to experience seasons again.  Southern California certainly has a way of making one feel like they are experiencing eternal summer.

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