February 18, 2013

No Soliciting Sign

     A few years back, solicitors for a local carpet cleaning company descended upon our neighborhood.  The first day I cordially declined.  Another employee came back the next day.  Two days later, a third employee arrived to sell me something, and I was a bit agitated.
     As a result, I added a "No Soliciting" sign, which has worked pretty well.  Solicitors in Meridian are required to have a license.  Ignoring the "No Soliciting" signs can jeopardize that license.  
     We recently affixed a translucent diffuser to the front window, so I had to remove the taped up sign.  Apparently the solicitors were waiting, because they started showing up again.  After dutifully adding some watchtower literature to the recycle bin, I got to work on a new "No Soliciting" sign.  Fired up the laser cutter, and presto-chango there's a new sign.

February 10, 2013


When our daughter first started to verbalize word parts, her cries took on a new character.  She would say little snippets of vowels "de de ble de de ble ble," that kindof sounded like a disenchanted muttering and stuttering.  It was interesting enough that I made a video of her when she first started to do it.  The video also featured her rolling onto her back.  Little did we know, that she would love the video.  One day, when she was crying, Melissa showed her the video (she likes the computer screen), and she was entranced with what the baby in the computer had to say.  Now, when she is crying, there is a decent chance that we show her the video.  She loves the video, and can totally relate to what that baby is saying and it helps calm her down.

Shelves, Workbench, Seat heaters

 I've had several small projects in the past couple months to work on.  I've put shelves in a closet, a workbench and shelves in our garage, and installed seat heaters into the FJ Cruiser.

The seat heaters was a crazy project that I will not attempt to recreate anytime in the memorable future.  Car upholstery is much more complex than I'd like it to be; requiring skills and tools that I don't desire to acquire.