May 27, 2010

Crooked House Coffee Espresso - Ten Years On...

Back in the last millenia...
my roommate Rocky worked at the Crooked House Coffee shop in West Salem, Oregon.  He bought some ground espresso coffee as a topping experiment for ice cream.  He stored the espresso roast in his freezer, and there it sat for over ten years.  Moving from freezer to freezer in apartment to house moves.

And then one day...
Rocky arrived with his portable espresso maker, and the espresso grounds we hadn't experienced in many moons.   Some might dare to say that perhaps the finest espresso the 20th century had to offer was on display here.

And it was awesome.  Just as we had remembered it, it transported us back to a different time and place.  It was inordinately smooth, with a pronounced bean flavor (earthy vegetable).  Some might even have said it had a slight mushroom-y aftertaste.  ;-)

May 24, 2010

Space Shuttle Time Lapse

Here is a video of the Space Shuttle being readied for launch.  Very impressive, especially the Vehicle Assembly Building.  See it here at Air and Space.