September 29, 2016

North Portland Bible College

I've had the opportunity to become the registrar (among other responsibilities) at a very small Bible College in Portland.  The Aptly named North Portland Bible College.  I started as July began, and have been working there part time, and also working on my schooling at Western Seminary.  So, I've been staying fairly busy.  Also, Melissa has decided to try out some online schooling, working towards her Bachelors in Education from Grand Canyon University.  So between all of that education, we should end up pretty learn-ed.

NPBC has been a joy to work at so far, and the college is a testament to God's work in Portland.  Even the buildings,as seen in the photo, were once derelict condemned drug houses that were bought, renovated, and re-purposed.  Repurposed with a higher purpose, Higher Education.

Idaho in Summer

This summer, we headed east... to Idaho.  After being in Washington/Oregon for a rainy spring, the summer finally arrived in the Pacific Rainforest, and to celebrate, we went to the beach a fair bit.  But one time, we went to the beach at McCall, Idaho.  It was a long drive, but we had a great time visiting friends, family, and enjoying the woods and the waters.