July 19, 2010

Touring Old Boise

The North end of Boise features an array of old houses.  Many of the houses have interesting architecture and entertaining facades.  Melissa and I have a plan to walk or ride around the neighborhoods of North Boise to look at the various old architectures.  Yesterday, we started our touring with a short walk starting from Memorial park.

July 14, 2010

Ye Ole Homestead

 Last weekend I took a trip out to Buck Flat in the middle of nowhere, Owyhee Country, Idaho.  I went out with my parents to look at the area that my Great-grandparents homesteaded in the 1920s.
  I had previously traveled down to the Owyhee country courthouse and looked up the deed, so that we could match up where the homestead is actually at.  We suffered two flat tires in the trip, but were amply prepared and made it back to Mountain Home.  It was a fun trip to go out to the middle of nowhere to see the old homestead.