September 27, 2011

Reading 9-27-2011

I've been reading the Last of the Mountain Men, by Harold Peterson.  It's an interesting window into the lives of those who lived in the Idaho wilderness.  With plenty of information about gold rushes and ghost towns and the hard characters of the old west.
I also have been reading the library's One Man's Wilderness by Sam Keith, a book about Richard Proenneke.  Proenneke was an adventurer that built his own cabin and tools in the Alaskan wilderness.
I also got a copy of Constitutional Government in the United States by Woodrow Wilson.  I'm interested to read about his interpretation of the Constitution which has apparently been pretty landmark for the last hundred years.  I think he was such an interesting president to lead the nation during World War I, help to found the League of Nations, which the congress did not endorse.  Interesting in that there is some parallels to the United Nations and how it's not exactly a elected representative force of our populace.
I also checked out a copy of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le CarrĂ©.  It's apparently an upcoming movie with Gary Oldman.

September 23, 2011

Hettinger Island

The Island now is officially named Hettinger Island.  As there were no previous names on record, it took about six months of government processing to name it.  It now shows up in the national Geographic Names Information System, and probably in a few years in actual maps.

September 7, 2011

New Lappy

We recently celebrated Melissa's birthday.  Part of the celebrations involved having all of her wisdom teeth out.  I'm pretty sure she did not enjoy the event and will most likely pass on having them out again.  For her birthday we upgraded her laptop.  She is now a full fledged college student, so we got her an Apple lappy.  Don't worry, we installed Windows with boot camp (so it runs both operating systems).  I'm of a philosophy of hatred towards laptops, so the Applecare warranty should help me from wanting to smash it to bits.

Reading 9-7-2011

I love Librarything early reviewers.  I've received several books from the early reviewers, and am working to slog through a few that came in over the summer.  It's been a busy summer and as a  result, I wish I had more time to read.  I got the book Come of Age: The Road to Spiritual Maturity by Angus Buchan. Angus of Faith like Potatoes fame.  I also got When Bad Christians Happen to Good People by Dave Burchett.  I also am excited to read some more of those Science Fiction novels I picked up this Spring.