October 31, 2007

Wedding Yay!

Melissa and I are getting married in about 24 days! Wedding planning has at times been stressful, as they apparently usually are. But all is going well, and hopefully things will turn out very nice.
We set up a wedding website, it has some photos, stories, etc. with some fun things there. After the wedding we are going on a vacation. I think most people call it a Honeymoon. We are going somewhere special for our honeymoon. It's top secret. Melissa doesn't even know. I've told her to pack two bags, one for hot weather and one for cold weather.
Here is a questions posed to any readers; Where would be a great place for a honeymoon?

Fresh Coffee

I've been drinking fresh ground coffee of late. Melissa received a double walled French Press for her Birthday, and I have been borrowing it until we get married (23 days!!). I've resorted to grinding the coffee in a blender though. The French Press is a really cool one, it is an all glass double walled one. The plunger is obviously metal, but the bottom is only glass. Great for being able to microwave water, etc. I picked this one up in a Starbucks in Seattle, but haven't been able to find them anywhere online. Thus, I am attaching an amateur photo hour rendition of the French press...

2-16-2008 Edit:
I've found them at Crate & Barrel