August 29, 2010

Reading - August 2010

I've been reading through a few different books of late.  One is The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, the Cameo Classics edition, by Rudolf Erich Raspe.  This old book houses the surrealistic and absurd tales of Baron Munchausen, which were later made into a movie.
Another interesting book to read has been From Vines to Wines, by Jeff Cox.  This books details the process of planting grapevines all the way to making your own wine.  Definitely an interesting read, and possibly related to an upcoming project.

Move from Drupal to

I've been mulling over moving off of Drupal and onto a free hosted blogging platform.  I've been looking around for a while (and used livejournal for quite some time), and decided to go with blogspot/blogger.  It's part of the google platform, and I've just changed over the website (along with my 250 previous posts).

August 12, 2010

Costa Rica

Recently returned from two weeks in Costa Rica.  I went down with my work, MAFLT.  I was doing survey work, and looking for ways to support our Latin America team.  Melissa went with me, and we had a great time experiencing the culture of Costa Rica, and also of South American influences.  We visited the volcano Arenal.  We also stayed a few days at Playa del Coco.  And took lots of photos.