March 28, 2008


I recently picked up some grapevines. I am hoping to plant in some vines in our back yard. I love the smell of grapes when they are blossoming. I am planning on planting some seedless table grapes. I am going to plant some Black Monukka, and either some Interlaken or Nimrod white table grapes. The next step is to research what type of terra-forming and landscaping will be necessary to turn our backyard into a fully functional micro vineyard. Yay!

March 4, 2008

Shellback Adirondack Chairs

There exist various plans for adirondack chairs floating around the internet. Melissa and I have been interested in getting some chairs since last spring. As a result of wanting to get some chairs, and having some extra time, I decided to make some chairs. I decided on using some plans from a website called buildeazy. However, I quickly went to work modifying the chairs from their original design. Some modifications were things which I wanted in the chair (a cup holder, more slats for the back), and others were necessary modifications(bracing). Anyway, they are at the brink of being finished, and I am very happy with them. More photos are available here.