December 19, 2007

Eternal Truth Worldwide

One of my favorite professors from seminary has a bit of a Scottish accent. As well, he is a pastor at a church that publishes the sermons he delivers on the web. The website: has several hundred of his sermons. They are all top notch and I heartily recommend them to anyone who would like to have an deep and meaningful encounter with the Christian Scriptures.
Here is a sample of one of my favorites: To Him be the Power Forever (1 Pet. 5:6-11)
Donald G. McDougall - June 10, 2007

December 18, 2007

Google Reader

The internet is too big. I think we all come to that conclusion, sooner or later. One of the best tools that I've found to keep me getting the information I want is the Google Reader. With your Google account, you can add a website's RSS feed to Google reader, then you can keep up with changes without having to visit that particular website. While that might not sound like too much of a chore, once you get alot of website you like, it's easier to go to one place (an RSS aggregator, in geek terms) than a lot of places. Anyway, one of my favorite tools from Google.

My Episodes

For those that like certain TV shows, I highly recommend the website "My Episodes". You can keep track of new episodes of your favorite show via RSS, and if you are good with a little PHP, you can even setup an iCal feed that will put your favorite shows on your google calendar.

December 11, 2007


So, we went to tahiti for our honeymoon. Actually, to the island of Moorea, right next to Tahiti. It is part of French Polynesia, and Melissa speaks French, so it was a perfect fit. It was a wonderful time, and we have some photos. The wedding went fabulous, and I'll post up some photos as we get them.

Christmas Lights

Back from the Honeymoon, and getting everything settled into the house. I've put up some Christmas lights. They are the rope lights from the proposal sign.