September 15, 2006

Secesh Excursion

Went trekking for a Hot Springs yesterday. This one is in the hard to get to classification. It's called Secesh Hot Springs. It was a long hike into the area where the springs are supposed to be. My directions were a bit scarce, as a result I ended up scaling the wrong hill. Perhaps I should have checked the coordinates in a topographical map. I've checked there before, but didn't this time. It was a nice march, though now my feet are a bit sore.

September 12, 2006

Books 9-12-06

This summer, I was teaching a Bible Study Methods class, and worked up a curriculum to help the students where the school's was lacking. Now I'm working on finishing it and polishing it up. Perhaps with the intention of teaching a class at a local church. So, I've been reading several of the books which I picked up this summer.
After the large ammount I read this summer while in Nigeria, I've been a little reticent to read.

 Being mollified with the trappings of modern American life. Though I recently picked up The Last Plantagenets and The Three Edwards by Thomas B. Costain. And the Complete Works of Oscar Wilde, and also a very interesting Heraldy, Ancestry and Titles by L.G. Pine. Hopefully these varied and interesting books will coax me into reading some more.

September 4, 2006

Nigeria Recap

I've been back in Idaho for two weeks now, and have been growing reaccustomed to the very dry climate. I have been traveling a bit between Boise and McCall, visiting friends and family, etc. I took some video when I was in Nigeria, and have assembled it into a collage of sights and sounds from there. It's shows some of the crazy traffic, the standard housing of the people, and the lush tropical flora. The video is set to music by Tangerine Dream: Astral Voyager. Which reminds me of some ancient Nova special about the moon. For some reason this seemed to fit the videos.