August 29, 2013

Coffee Rant - Kati Kati

Boom!  Broadside!
The spray of salt water, the heave of the ship in the waves, and the smoke pouring forth from the mighty bronze and iron cannons.  A floating castle, bristling with arms, flying colors, and ready to take on the world.

The aroma of burnt gunpowder lingers in the air.  A characteristically ΓΌber-roasted coffee.  But the spirit of the beans pushes forth, allowing this blend of African coffees to speak for itself through the copious charcoal.  And the booming pronouncement is that this coffee is good.  Both as espresso (due to its interment in the roaster's inferno), pressed, and drip coffee.

August 25, 2013

Reading 8-2013

I've been back to reading a fair bit of Terry Pratchett.  Such books as The TruthThief of Time, Hogfather, Unseen Academicals.  I also picked up a book called Pigeon English, by Stephen Kelman.  Initially, I had high hopes for the book, but the more I've read, the less enthused I've been on this book.
I have some books lined up to read in the coming months. A friend mentioned that he read the book Wool (Omnibus Edition), by Hugh Howey, and really enjoyed it, so while it was on sale, I picked it up on Amazon.  And I am waiting on the library to furnish up a copy of  Witch Wraith, by Terry Brooks.  This is the last of a three part series that takes place in the Terry Brooks universe.
I will be teaching a Bible Study Methods / Hermeneutics class, so I'm getting up to speed by reading the appropriate books, and arranging a curriculum.