October 28, 2008

Books and stuff 10-28-2008

I found some cheap Oxford World Classics and have added them to my reading list. The first was Melmoth the wanderer, by Charles Maturin and the second was Scenes of Clerical Life, by George Eliot. I've also checked out the first volume of the Genesis of Shannara trilogy from the library: Armageddon's Children. I see that the whole trilogy has already been released, so I won't have to wait for the books to be released. I saw some news that Shannara movies are in the works. I also am wanting to read The Divine Conspiracy, by Dallas Willard.

I've also finished the memoirs of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Very interesting reads; which were insightful into the relationship of the British Monarchy with the commonwealth governments. It was fun to read about the details of the short and turbulent reign of Edward VIII.

Our house has recently become the recipient of a water softener, which should hopefully fix our super-mega-hard water issues. As well, we also recently signed up for HD dish network and I am learning how to use a DVR.

October 6, 2008

Goldbug Hot Springs

I recently visited Goldbug Hot Springs near Salmon, Idaho. The hot spring lies high up on the hillside; a two mile hike uphill. Once you arrive, there are several pools ranging from 110° to 75°. There are several waterfalls and some of the pools are three to four feet deep with gravel bottoms. It was a fun trip, and a nice hot spring.