March 25, 2012

Decorative Grapevine Trellis

Our grapevine trellis was looking a little sad.  The tension from the wires were pulling the post over, and making the wires sag.  I was thinking of putting a two by six spacer in between.  However, after looking at it a the trellis a bit closer, we decided to add some stylistic flair to our trellis...

Here is a quick look back at the backyard table grapes project so far...

2008 - Planting grapevines.  We planted Black Monukka variety.

2009 - Grapevines began to grow up on the wires.  After waiting for the other two vines to grow, we replaced them with some Jumbo table grapes that due to poor reading comprehension, were seeded table grapes.

2010 - The grapevines grew up to the wires and began to get trained down the wires.  Wasn't too familiar with trimming the lower growth.  There were a few clusters of grapes this year.

2011 - With trimming the lower growth, and the vines being up on the wires, this season was the first with real fruiting.  We got something like 58 clusters of grapes! 

2012 - The trellis was looking pretty sad.  As well, I massively pruned the trunks, down from two to one on the original plantings.  Also, I removed the Jumbo seeded grapes, and replaced them with Concord.  I LOVE the smell of Concord grapevines.

This is the new trellis.  In construction in the photo above, and after being painted/stained in the photos below.

If you are interested in planting vines, I recommend the book From Vines to Wines.

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Jan T said...

I really like your grape arbor. Where did you get the curved wood pieces used on the top? (I'm interested in building a wisteria arbor and want something simple yet with a little style such as what you have. :-). )