June 1, 2015

Ethiopian Konga: Feng Shui of the Mouth

I thought that the Ethiopian Yergacheffe would be the longstanding champion, and that it would reign supreme for some time.  It seems that there has been a fair bit of speculation about planetary alignment, and perhaps there is something to the elements in nature aligning to create something special.  In this case, I think that the Starbucks Reserve sun dried Ethiopian Konga is a rare case of all concerned elements working in harmonious fashion.   A veritable Feng shui of the mouth; the flavors and textures working together in what might be a paneurythmy dance of your taste buds.  Definitely worth trying out at least once.

The king is dead, long live the king!

Yorkshire Gold

Achtung: may contain pure awesome.
It's taken some time, but I think I've found one of the primal essences of the tea world, Yorkshire Gold.  I've been kicking around various teas for quite some time.  Such greats at Tazo Passion tea, Tazo Earl Grey, Trader Joe's Earl Grey, Rooibos, and your general purpose Orange Pekoe.

Anyway, after so many years, I found the Yorkshire Gold, which it a quintessential English tea blend.  Some contend that it vies with PG tips for that title.  Anyway, I think it is pretty spectacular.