September 5, 2021

Ham Radio - KK7ARH

Yesterday, I took the HAM radio exams for Technician and General status, and passed both. I have to wait a few days to receive my callsign, and then I'll be able to converse upon the amateur radio waves, and partake in interesting technologies, such as APRS.
Growing up, my dad had a plethora of radios/communication devices: business radios in our vehicles, a 100' radio tower in our backyard, shortwave radios for backcountry flying, walkie talkies, handheld ham radios, CB radios, airplane radios, a radio telephone bridge, a radio telephone in his Jeep, remote audio and video transmission, and probably several other things I can't recollect. I remember visiting mountain top lookouts and testing radio connections. Many fun memories.

May 27, 2021

Aeron Remastered


I've been working from home for quite some time, and have worn out my office chair. I've gone through a couple in the last two decades, so decided to get a higher quality chair and went with the Aeron Remastered. Pretty excited about it.

May 22, 2021

Introduction to Bible Study Methods

 Interested in the process of studying the Bible? Want to learn the in's and outs in bible study methods? Check out this site I setup that was from a course I taught several years back: