January 19, 2019

Winter Reading Review

Recently finished the book Mile-High Missionary: A Jungle Pilot's Memoir, by Jim Manley and Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty, by David Kadavy. And have started a few others, such as the 14 book fantasy series, The wheel of time, with book one, the Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan.
I've read most of True Community, by Jerry Bridges. I enjoyed The Complete Royal Families of Ancient Egypt, by Aidan Dodson. I was rather disappointed by After Acts: Exploring the Lives and Legends of the Apostles, by Bryan Litfin. I enjoyed both History of the Persian Empire, by A.T. Olmstead, and The Course of French History, by Pierre Goubert, though I wish it covered pre A.D. 900 era.
I have a few books to work through, Created for Worship: From Genesis to Revelation to You, by Noel Due, Oxford World Classics version of the Complete works of Francis Bacon, and Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing by Jonathan Pennington. And am re-reading Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett.