November 22, 2011

Fall 2011 Vineyard Update

Fall update on the vineyard

Ski Season Approaches

I got some shorter skis!

My old skis are some circa1998 Salomon Equipeaxe Dr 150 -197cm.  Their best performance happens on large radius turns and hard, packed snow.  Basically designed for bombing down the hill, not fighting through powder.

The new skis are 2007 Atomic Supercross 10M - 170cm.  Pretty good for most things (I hope), and a massive bit shorter.

November 6, 2011

Four Hot Springs Excursion

Last weekend, we went to several different hot springs.  We trekked to Givens hot springs on Friday.  On Saturday, we headed to Kirkham hot springs, then up towards Stanley, head off at bear valley towards Deadwood reservoir, then to Warm Lake.  From Warm Lake, we drove north to Milepost 16 hot springs.  We then drove north to Lick Creek summit, and dropped into McCall from the East.  Sunday, we went to Burgdorf hot springs, enjoying the brisk fall weather.