July 29, 2008

Three Forks Warm Springs

 We went to Three Forks (Tudor) Warm Springs last Saturday, and it was fantastic. The trip was 110 miles Southwest from Boise. The Springs are nestled behind Three Forks Dome on the Owyhee river. The road is decent until the last two miles where it becomes a 4x4 worthy adventure. The Springs (the entire creek) are between 90° to 95° and makes for an absolutely enjoyable summer soak, with stellar pools and wonderful views.

July 9, 2008

Reading 7-9-8

    I recently finished reading the Antiquary, by Sir Walter Scott. It was an interesting book, with an insight into life and society of 18th century Scotland. I arrived at reading this book after finding the Oxford edition at Half Price Books in Redmond last summer.
     Before finishing the Antiquary, I finished The American Black Chamber by Herbert O. Yardley. Melissa bought me this book as a birthday present. I have a list of several books I want to read (such as Eric Clapton's Biography). The American Black Chamber was a really fun book to read, if you are interested in codes, cyphers, spies, or international intrigue. It was especially insightful as Yardley included actual messages and the methods for breaking the codes.

July 4, 2008

Deadwood Hot Springs

Melissa and I recently went camping at Deadwood reservoir and made a trek up to Deadwood Hot Springs. This was a rewarding journey, as a few friends and
I were unable to find it last year while hiking around in the dark. But this year, with the aid of daylight, we were able to trek about a mile further up a small trail and find the hot springs. It is an impressive setup with a hillside of hot water and tubes filling pools alongside a small cliff. The pools had drainage valves and scrubber brushes to facilitate in cleaning them. There were alot of elk around, and a few were brave enough to briefly say hello. It was a sun drenched hike of three miles one way and three miles back which could have been accomplished much easier on bicycles. Overall it was a fun excursion.