February 15, 2008

West Coast Tour 2008

Melissa and I just returned from West Coast Tour 2008. We flew down to Arizona, and drove back to Idaho; taking a meandering path through California. Thanks to all the friends whom we stayed with and visited. The whole trip was a 1720.3 miles long; and was fun, exciting, and exhausting. On Valentines day, Melissa and I went to Napa valley and visited the Castello Di Amarosa castle & vineyard.

Wedding Photos

We received our wedding photos back from our excellent photographers: Azzura photography. I give them two thumbs up; as they captured wonderful photos and helped make our wedding day especially enchanted. Check out our photos here.

February 8, 2008


Last year, Asus released a linux based sub-laptop called the eeepc. It is very reasonably priced, a flash based device (very speedy file system), and has all the amenities one needs with a basic laptop. It does have a small screen, and requires an acquaintance with linux in order to customize. I picked one up as a stress relief toy before my wedding, and have been enjoying it ever since.