August 24, 2005

New Testament understanding of the law.

On a theological note, I've been thinking about how Christians perceive the law in the NT. I've put together a collection of material that i think is rather illustrative of how the law is understood in the New Testament. I think that it's fairly clear that the law is love. It also seems to me to be a commentary on those things that Christians can easily make spiritual issues, but are rather removed from loving God and loving our neighbors. And, how those issues are actually less important the more removed they become from those two axioms. I suppose it is more of an heart/attitude issue with many things.

August 17, 2005

Foam Rocket Plane

A friend of mine and I spent some time throwing around a glider at the park today. After throwing the plane around for a bit, we decided to look into getting another plane and attaching a rocket assist pod to it. After thinking about it, and doing a bit of engineering, we came up with a few different approaches to a useful rocket plane.

August 15, 2005


Amid getting meowed at by the traffic, and people handing out what appeared to be tree shaped air fresheners but were really something quite different were some of my experiences in Philadelphia. Needless to say it was really great (especially thanks to my awesome tour guide)! It was also really, really hot. There was a heat index warning while I was there. There was also alot of walking involved, which was very reminiscent of my trapsing around the middle east. Some good friendships were founded, and some great restaurants were enjoyed! It was great to see the Benjamin Franklin? brand of pretty much everything. The Cicadas in the trees were a little unsettling, as I kept expecting rattlesnakes to fall out of the trees (as they sound rather similar).

What the Hack?!

h4x0r3d!My website was hacked for about 2 hours today. I recently upgraded and left an important file with the wrong permissions. Anyways, that's mostly remedied. I find it extremely humorous that some dingdong somewhere thinks my chronicles of adventures are worth defacing. Thank you Captain Stupid, for making me feel important.

August 7, 2005

Reading 8-7-5

Finished Worldy Saints again. It was a great book, and it was definately good to be able to go back absorb all the cool things I missed on the whirlwind read a few years back. Also read through the latest JETS journal that landed on my doorstep, among other things. I picked up a new book, Watership Down, by Richard Adams. It's about bunny rabbits. Or 'wabbits,' depending on your age level/annunciation. I've heard good things about it, so I'm excited to read through it.

August 4, 2005

Postnuke Upgrade

A Gallery and Postnuke upgrade have made the website more flexible and user friendly. It should also be a bit faster. there has also been an advanced polls module added, with a few random polls.

August 1, 2005


Finished up a week of VBS in Twin Falls. That and the nearly three weeks of camp from june have stacked together to make this a very busy summer. Recently had the exhaust on my car fixed, also. The exhaust manifold had cracked on the passenger side, giving my convertible that 'racecar roar.' It also had warped rotors on the back brakes. So, I had those reground, and the car is driving much better.