April 24, 2007

U2 by U2

For my Thirtieth birthday, one of my brothers gave me (among other things) a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. After wandering around Hastings, while waiting for an appointment, I found a book to use the certificate on. I proceeded to Barnes and Nobles and bought U2 by U2. It's a large coffee-table book, with disjointed excepts and photos, that proceeds through U2's career chronologically. Much akin (in size and style) to the Beatle's book, The Official Beatle's Anthology.

April 11, 2007

Reading 4-11-7

I recently picked up the autobiography of President Reagan, An American Life. I've been enjoying that recently, as it's an easy read and insightful of alot of fairly recent American History. I also picked up Umberto Eco's The Island of the Day Before. It should be a fun read, as Eco tends to develop well thought out plots and interesting storylines. Haven't had much time for reading of late, as I'm staying rather busy. But it is a good busy, and I'll catch up on reading somewhere down the line.

April 6, 2007

Major Label goes DRM free

Major Recording Label EMI recently announced that it will offer digital rights management (DRM)-free downloads of its entire digital catalog, and added that Apple's iTunes store will be the first to peddle its wares. Though the Beatles' catalog won't be a part of this deal just yet. This is a good move for a major Record Label, because it means that I can purchase music that will be available to play on any platform, without mind bending DRM. Which means that I can get some new music for my RioCar, which doesn't support DRM, as it's linux based and no longer actively supported.

April 5, 2007

Snively Hot Spring

I recently made a trek to the base of the mountain where Scenic Hot Springs is located. I was going to scout things out, but there was too much snow, and not enough trail to find the hot springs, even with the help of a GPS. The following day, I found several hot springs listed in the Baker, Oregon area, though none turned out to be viable. They were either dried up, or privatized. However, on the way back from Yakima (visiting my wonderful girlfriend), I stopped at Ontario, and made a detour to Snively Hot Springs, near Owyhee Reservoir. It was a fun excursion, as I got to experience a Hot Springs, unlike the previous six I had visited earlier in the day, and the day before. The water, however, was too hot, and needed to be mixed with the cooler water from the Owyhee river. This made for a passable Hot Springs™ experience, but I wouldn't put Snively on my repeat offender list for Hot Springery.