May 27, 2004

Duke of Loma: Emperor of the Inland Empire

I am going to be moving down to Loma Linda to move in with the General Lee on this coming Monday, the 31st. Loma Linda is in the valley farther inland from Los Angeles. This valley is where all the smog is blown from the coastal winds. As a result, the air quality there is pretty abysmal. Some days you can see the mountains that are a mile away. Bleah! But, it will be very exciting to be out of seminary, and to be living to the General, and in close proximity to my girlfriend! yay! Coincidentally, it is the General's birthday today. And for that I made him an awesome T-shirt.

Loma Linda Land

Well, i am now an official season pass holder at Disneyland.  Then I will live in Loma Linda. And I will drive a red convertible, and maybe get a job at Old Navy. And I will have a pick-up truck, or umm... possibly even...a recreational vehicle, and drive from state to state. Do they let you do that?

Whoa! Anyway, for graduation, i was blessed with many great gifts, but especially, Ken bought me a pound of Starbucks' Kona Coffee. So, I converted our old doormatt into a thank you card.