June 17, 2009

Reading 6-17-2009

One of the books I've been reading lately is Hope Has Wings by Stuart Sendall-King. After World War II, pilots concerned with reaching the remote parts of the world created MAF. Stuart Sendall-King was instrumental in MAF-UK, and details his adventures in Africa and elsewhere. It's an interesting look into the change that continually grips Africa. As well as how modern civilization creeps into the backwoods, mountains, and bush areas of the world.

Another book I picked up from the library, is the autobiography of Pattie Boyd, Wonderful Tonight. Pattie details her tumultuous life from living in Africa, to being part of Beatlemania and being married to George Harrison, and then to Eric Clapton. It's an interesting read that give insight into the lives of famous rock and roll musicians. It also details some of the complex and deep emotions involved with being famous, and the pitfalls of dissolute rockstar living.