April 27, 2014

S5 & 5S

Melissa and I have moved from Sprint to Verizon.  I previously quit Verizon about 10 years ago.
We also upgraded to newer phones.  Melissa is going the 5S route, and I am going to use the S5.  Both phones are packed with the latest and greatest technologies.  Hopefully the Verizon network will perform better than Sprint's.

April 2, 2014

Tim's Hybrid Phonetic Alphabet

I've spent a few minutes coming up with a phonetic alphabet that has a blend of different phonetic alphabets.  This should may help with phone calls where I need to communicate letters.

A - Alligator
B - Broomstick
C - Chocolate
D - Donkey
E - Echo
F - Frisbee
G - Giraffe
H - Hotel
I - Indigo
J - Joker
K - Kangaroo
L - Lemon
M - Manatee
N - Ninja
O - Onion
P - Parade
Q - Quebec
R - Rainbow
S - Shampoo
T - Tango
U - Unicorn
V - Vampire
W - Walrus
X - X-ray
Y - Yahtzee
Z - Zombie