August 11, 2019

Music: Led Zeppelin - In the Evening

In the Evening.  This thunderous Led Zeppelin song hid from my Zeppelin loving ears for quite some time until being rediscovered a few years back.

August 9, 2019

Music - John Barry - The Black Hole Overture

The Disney film The Black Hole was Disney's response to the blockbuster Star Wars. I had the read along book and cassette. The robot Maximilian was as ominous and powerful as Star War's Darth Vader. Anyway, the score by John Barry is one of the redeeming qualities of this Disney movie, and I've appreciated it for a long time.

August 7, 2019

Music: Glass Harp - Do Lord

In early stages of Phil Keaggy's career as a guitarist, he was part of the Ohio trio Glass Harp. Keaggy was an excellent guitarist then, and produced some good Rock music for the era. The rendition of Do Lord from Carnegie Hall was a legendary bootleg, and finally came out on compact disc in the Nineties.

Music: Phil Keaggy - Crimson and Blue

In the early Nineties, I was looking for some quality music, and Phil Keaggy sucked me in. A particular song that grabbed me was Don't Pass Me By, off the Crimson and Blue album.

Also off that same album, is a guitar tour de force, in the song, John The Revelator. Hearkening back to Keaggy's days in Grass Harp where he re-did the song Do Lord, adding some Clapton-esque Cream.

Music: Second Chapter of Acts and Phil Keaggy - Take Me Closer

Phil Keaggy is one of my favorite guitarists. After his time with Glass Harp, he struck out on his own. He was often collaborating with other groups and musicians, and one of my favorite collaborations is his work in the late Seventies with the group Second Chapter of Acts. This song highlights some of his brilliant guitar work from that era, and I love the drum break in the middle.

Music: - Eric Clapton - Rainbow Concert

Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert landed in the middle of Clapton's drug fueled depression years. Several of his friends were concerned about him, and coaxed him out of seclusion for the the Rainbow Concert.

Below are some selections of the album that captured the live show. I fount this album when I was living in Israel, and have loved it since. In my opinion, it is probably the highlight of Clapton's guitar sound.

Music: Rolling Stones - Mixed Emotions

The Rolling Stones popped up on my playlist this morning on the way to work. This song is great, with a catchy melody and nice groove.