May 28, 2006


I've arrived in Anyigba, and had some fun times getting acclimated to the local culture. The locals speak pidgeon english here, but many things are very different.  A colloqial greeting is "Well done."  People that sell things are called "customers."  It's very hot and humid, much like Israel was at the end of summer.  The rainy season is just starting, and lasts till the middle of October.

May 24, 2006

Wie Gehts

I've been in Deutschland here for three days now.  Visited Frankfurt and Heidelberg, and  to the scenic boat to Neckar.  Lots of cool stuff to see at the castle and awesome bavarian food, etc.

May 13, 2006

World of Warcraft

I've still been playing World of Warcraft, getting my computer gaming done before I head to Africa for three months.  It's been alot of fun, as I've got to participate in a bunch of fun raids, and other multiplayer content.  Recently, one of my main characters hit  level 60, and since that time I've been working on getting the character decked out with cool stuff.  It's been alot of fun playing with people from my guild, finishing bosses like Hakkar and Ragnaros.

May 1, 2006

Reading 5-1-6

I picked up several books to read this summer today.  I picked up one Saddam's Secrets , by an Iraqi General Georges Sada.  I hadn't heard anything about this book and then saw it in the bookstore, and it looks really intriguing.  It should have some interesting information and perspective in it for sure.  I also got the Davinci Code, by Dan Brown.  It's coming out as a movie this summer with Tom Hanks.  I think most people realize it's fiction, and I'm hoping to enjoy it on that level.  I also grabbed A History of Fundementalism, by Karen Armstrong.  This looked interesting and should make for a fun, thought provoking, and perhaps agitating, read this summer.  Oh and Alexander the Corrector, by Julia Keay.

I also finished Sun Tzu's Art of War.  Read more for some choice quotes.