December 30, 2002

White Coffee

I was at a local coffee shop here in Idaho today, and they had a ’trial product’ from their roaster. Anyway, what they called it was "white coffee." Immediately, I thought it was some kind of white chocolate coffee, or chocolate coated beans. However, it was espresso beans that had not been roasted to perfection, they were taken out of the roaster early, before they go black, so they were at the tan stage. Anywho, the owners of this establishment offered to have me try this stuff for
free. Since I have never tried it, and have tried worse coffee products (a.k.a. ’Mazagran’ = ’Starbucks carbonated coffee.’ one of those mazagrans was even fermented), i succumbed to the pressure. They whipped up an americano for me, and I took the lid off, and it definitely looked like herbal tea. I tasted it, and it had the flavor of (or similar to) sucking on a cedar fencepost. It could also be comparable to some of the herbals teas people drink (e.g. lavender sunshine, apricot disaster, lemon nightmare). They said it had a nutty taste to it. Anyway, I just thought I would type this out, if for some reason my body rejects this stuff and I don’t make it to tomorrow  And, also, so that all you coffee people out there would know not to get some undercooked espresso in the name of progress.

Whilst coffee beans unroasted have not have their powers unlocked, once they are roasted to perfection the little green pills become black, and the magic of vitamin "coffee" is born.

One more caveat: beware of any establishment that spells espresso as expresso.

"A fencepost a day keeps the walrus away" 

"Them grinds, they are a changin’"    

December 29, 2002


Yesterday, I went with a bunch of friends to Bonneville hot springs. yay! 

December 24, 2002

I am victorious.

I have dispatched Metroid Prime in the alloted rental time. The universe is safe once again. Now I can get back to the massive reading for the winterim class that starts in two weeks. The good part is that the reading is interesting and mostly ’new to me’ material.
The books on the docket:
The class will be taught by Wayne Grudem, who I am really excited to learn from, as he is a great scholar, well published, and the mix will make school a bit exciting for that week.

Biblical Foundations for Manhood and Womanhood, Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism

December 22, 2002

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime:  I hereby nominate this game for game of the year. On the recommendation of ex-roommate scott, I have rented a gamecube and been immersed in its metroidy goodness. It has all the beauty and style of Tomb Raider, but yet the excitement and thrill of Unreal Tournament. I give it a hearty endorsement for anyone who likes video games and wants to play a real one.