September 23, 2012

Laser Cutter

I've been interested in creating a laser cutter for a while, and am excited to create a simple CNC setup with use of the Makerslide rails and an arduino.  I enjoyed a project that used an arduino before, and am excited to have some computer aided fabrication capabilities.

Baby On The Way

We are expecting a baby!  Very soon in fact.  We've been assembling the myriads of baby things that having a baby these days requires... car seat, playpen, stroller, etc.  Thanks to everyone who has helped us get ready for the baby!

September 3, 2012

Vineyard End Posts

My brother and I installed end posts for the trellis rows at the vineyard.  These allow for the trellis wires to be tightened.  The wires are now taunter than ever before.  This will help facilitate putting the drip lines in for irrigation.

September 1, 2012

6-2012 reading

A few months back, I read through Night WatchMaking Money, and Snuff.  All by Terry Pratchett.  Good reads, though I think i'm off my Pratchett kick for a while.

Dry Summer

Apparently this summer is even drier than the previous one.  According to the weatherman, this summer has been the driest since 1957.