October 27, 2003


There was this awesome sunset last thursday. It was by far the best sunset I have seen in Kalifornia. It was great, the whole sky looked like it was on fire. Perhaps it was some sort of foreshadowing of the aweful fires that are now raging across upperclass hillside neighborhoods.

The fires here in California are approaching the valley where I live. They are about to crest the hill that surrounds our valley. It reminds me alot of the foothills fire in Boise back in 1992. It is pretty interesting, as this fire has burned around the valley almost a third of a circumference.

October 17, 2003

I feel happy...

 There is a pile of laundry that has taken over my bed. I am kindof tired, and would like to go to sleep, but i am scared of making any sudden movements that might otherwise spook this gentle giant. I have been sick for the last couple of days. I initial thought it was a food allergy, then I thought it was bronchitis. Then i moved on to pneumonia, and SARS, and now i think it's a hybrid mix of cold/bronchitis. I'm feeling better, although i occasionally have headaches, and my head pretty much is on the verge of spontaneous explosion. Well, it's not that bad, but i'll be happy if I get better.

The manager finally had the people that lived in our spot before us move out. How's that work? Well, they switched apartments, see... but they kept their parking spots. So, for two years, we've been hoofing it from the far end of the garage... until now. However, we needed to move our stuff that was in our storage to the new one. Well, someone else at our complex mustof notice that the aforementioned people moved out, and they slapped their padlock on it (it was not left there, but appeared). Anyway, the manager made it disappear, and i moved all the stuff today, since the replacements for said people move in this weekend.

October 15, 2003

There is a universe burning down next door to me

There was a big fire in the apartment building across from ours on monday. I heard the ringing of the alarm out of my window and thought it was a car alarm. As I walked around to our porch to investigate, i mention to my roommate that 'the building next door was burning down.' As it turned out, I was correct!

Anyway, I took some photos of the whole ordeal. Complete with two movies. One was of the firetruck's ladder extending. The other was smoke pouring from the building. Everybody was safe, in the end. Although I am now feeling sick (probably unrelated). It could be smoke inhalation, but i think it is more along the lines of a cold.

October 13, 2003

Testing... Testing... 1... 2... 5...

Welcome to the new Website!

After our beta test trial period, we are pleased to announce that the balm has gone digital, err... entered a new phase of development. With the magic of mySQL and php, and programs such as postnuke and gallery, the Balm has entered into an era of personal webspace hereto unknown.

October 3, 2003

If it bleeds, I can kill it...

So, I got home from school today, and there were police with cones and stuff everywhere! I thought something big had gone down in front of our apartment building. There was a fire- engine in the middle of the street and ambulances. I pulled up to the cop, and he said there was going to be a political rally. I went and parked my car, and got my camera and headed down to see what all the hub-bub was about.
It was Arnold! Arnold came to my apartment complex! And I got movies

  • Total Recall 9.4 Mb mpg The tour buses had names, such as: Predator 1-4, and Total Recall. 
  • "Villages and towns." 9.57 Mb mpg Classic Arnold: "Villages and towns, I’ll burn them to the ground!" (Ok, maybe i added a bit there)    
  • Hahahahahahahaha! All I can say about the California Recall is ’Vive La Idaho!’ 
  • Some news site photo.

Some photoshops i had found on the internet and hastily printed up to wave about.