February 12, 2009

Echo Rock Revisited

We went back to Echo Rock hot springs last weekend. We brought an ATV with us this time. We had an excellent trip, the reservoir had risen about four feet from the last visit. As a result there was a few parts where I had to ride the ATV on the steep angle of the sides of the reservoir in order to bypass the waters and mud. It was a muddy too! Anyway, if the reservoir keeps rising, it should now be accessible by boat only until the Reservoir empties out again.

I'm in the middle of reading The silver Chalice, by Thomas Costain. I've read a few of his books before and enjoyed them. This one is historical fiction about the creation of the Antioch Chalice. It is set in the New Testament period of Acts of the Apostles. I libraried some Rock and Roll biography books, Watch you bleed and Old gods almost dead by Stephen Davis. They weren't as interesting as I had hoped.

I've also been enjoying Fieldrunners for the iPhone. It's a great Tower Defense game. I also played through MySims Kingdom for the Wii, which was mildly entertaining. I recommend a few online flash games, Battalion Nemesis and Gemcraft