May 31, 2007


This morning I headed down to Hollingshead to get my eyes lasered. My oldest brother, John, and I tagged team it; going in to have our eyes done at the same time. So far, my eyes have been recovering splendidly. Though there is the uncomfort naturally associated with the procedure. And I can already see crisply, as the laser fog begins to clear.

May 25, 2007


I'm planning on moving to Seattle on June 9th. One of my College friends has an extra room, and I'm going to live there for a month or more. But first, I'm finishing work up here at the ISP, and will have a bit of time to pack and to recover from the lasering.

May 21, 2007

Laser Vision

I am off to have my eyes dilated today. For the reason of getting surveyed for laser eye surgery. Due to my exposure to the harsh krypton sun, my eyes have developed to the point where I effectively need to wear spectacles to make sense of all the blurriness. However, this should soon change for the better.

May 3, 2007

Vulcan Hot Springs

Vulcan Hot Springs had some work done a few years back, and the main pool has been enlarged to make the pool significantly deeper. A few friends and I attempted to visit Vulcan earlier this spring, but the snow was too great to allow us to travel there. The Spring thaw has since cleared all the snow, and made for some wonderfully muddy roads and hiking. The pool was an excellent temperature, but needed to be drained, as there was a large amount of silt and bugs. We also ventured up to the source to see the field where the hot waters comes nearly boiling out of the rock.