August 24, 2002

I kindof felt like a criminal...

This summer at high school camp, we had some people bing up their ski boats so that the campers could go water skiing and tubing. The students had to wait on the dock for their turn in the boat. There were some other people on the dock from another camp hanging out, one of them even was playing a Dean guitar. After watching the students all day, one of the boat drivers asked me if I wanted to ski. Normally, i would not have skied  because the water was not glassy smooth, however, he has an exceptionally nice ski boat, a Malibu. Anyways, so I took off my glasses and went waterskiing. After skiing for about five minutes, we were in the middle of the lake and I let go, ready to get back in to the boat. The driver says, "Wait, you should go splash the guys on the dock." Now, having grown up on a lake every summer and waterskiing practically every day during the summers, I am proficient enough to hose the people on the dock. So we head in and I head in the dock, and at the last moment, i fall backwards throwing all my weight on my ski, sending a huge wave of water on the dock goers. As I pop back out of the water, all I see in front of me is the guitar guy, sopping wet, giving me the ’what the heck’ stance. "Oops" I said, "didn’t mean to hit the guitar!" Then I pulled myself back onto the dock and waited for the boat, so I could escape without walking on the dock. 

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