August 24, 2020

George Foreman George Jr. Rotisserie Coffee Roaster


After using the Popcorn popper method for a while, I wanted to upgrade to a drum roaster. I had intended to use a drum on a barbecue. However, my daughter and I were at the thrift store and saw a nice rotisserie for cheap, so I have been using that to work on my home roasting. It wasn't shedding the chaff, so I merged it with the popcorn popper, and now it's roasting nicely. The video above shows the second crack for a dark Ethiopian yergacheffe, with a photo of the results below.


Unknown said...

Sorry to comment on such an old post but I just picked up a George Jr. and you seem to be the only one on the internet who has roasted beans in it successfully. So how exactly did you merge your popcorn maker and the rotisserie?

Tim said...

Check out this short video and image, maybe that will help:

Unknown said...

Thank you, now I just need to find a popcorn maker to mod!