November 30, 2004

Music Box 11-30-4

 U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb came out recently. I am excited about the new U2 cd, i listened to a lowbandwidth preview version and liked it, so I added it to my list to send off to Santa Claus. It certainly hearkened back to pre-Achtung Baby days. You can really see the Edge working his Edge type guitar method, from what I heard. The shape of the total ablum reminded me of Joshua tree, and the way the songs felt with one another. It was interesting to hear Bono wanting broken hearts.On a completely different level, I love Baroque Organ Music. I hate contemporary piano music, but I love Organ Music. Such as the likes of Purcell, Clarke, and Bach. Today, a friend let me borrow some Buxtehude, which I am happy about, and after previewing it, am impressed by some of the good stuff therein other news, i was thinking the best band of all time was: the beatlesthe best album of all time was:U2 - Achtung Babymy favorite solo artist of all time is:Phil Keaggy

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