November 28, 2005

The Well Tempered Polymer

     After getting the outer mold together, I was anxious to get the first half of the silicone mold poured. I've never worked with this type of silicone, where a curing agent is used. I've worked with latex and a curing agent, but not anything as fun as pink silicone. I suppose that pink silicone has the potential to be a comedy goldmine. But not today! Instead, it's time to play with chemicals!

The silicone molding compound's mixture is 1-10, with this highly professional mixing bucket, and some pyrex measuring cups, i was able to mark off ammounts.

I decided to make a launchpad for my experiment.

The curing catalyst added up to the line. And slightly dabbled on the launchpad.

Adding the silicone to the mixing tank.

The Silicone approaches the proper level for maximum curiousity (having the property of curing).

Maximum levels of mixing substances achieved and exceeded.

With a standard issue Green™ pencil, the silicone compound is whipped into a pink frenzy.

The frenzied pink liquid is now poured into the previously made clay outer mold. This ensures that the silicone mold doesn't have to be three inches thick.

Three inches of pink silicone waiting for the test subject.

The hammer is dropped into the gooey vat of pink death... er, silicone.

After that, the mold was left to cure in someplace over 70° (not the garage).

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