December 15, 2005

Call of Duty 2

     I've recently been playing Call of Duty 2.  It's a first person shooter that is set in world war two.  It's a very fun game with excellent graphics and world interaction.  The controls and feel of the game are very similar to Soldier of Fortune 2, which was a long running classic among some of my friends.  There are four nationalities you can play, with differing weapons for each, and as usual, some weapons are more used and effective than others.

     The multiplayer is excellent, though it does not have punk-buster enabled, so prepare to get schooled by cheaters.  that's a little sad, but the multiplayer is still fun in spite of that, which speaks volumes.  It also doesn't support a joystick of gamepad, which is a little disappointing.  Overall, however, it's a great game.  I'd recommend giving it a try, if you like first person shooters.

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