June 25, 2006

June Reading

I've finished up several books, A book of protestant Saints By Ernest Gordon. An interesting read of biographies, many who were involved in the Salvation Army. And also, Puritan Profiles by William Barker. Biographies of those involved in the making of the Westminster confession. I finished up Alexander the Corrector and am still working through The Battle for God: A History of Fundementalism. I've started The Octopus by Frank Norris. Good literature set in nearly ancient California.

"Again in voyages by the sea, deviations from the usual course may bring loss or danger, but yet they attract. So in life itself, shall we not abandon the old way, which is wicked, full of passion, and without God? And shall we not even at the risk of displeasing our fathers, bend our course towards the truth and seek after him who is our real Father thrusting away custom as some deadly drug." Clement of Alexandria,
Exhortation 10.73 (Cf 12.91)

praxis epibasis theorias "experience is the basis of theory"
An what's this about deus abscondia and Luther?

And some books for future fun and reference:
Thomas Gataker, De Nomine Tetragrammato Dissertatio (1645)
Baxter, Aphorisms of justification
Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan
after the Encyclopedia of Gods, by Michael Jordan
The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce

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