October 6, 2010

Vineyard Hardware - Episode 1

I bought some vineyard hardware off of craigslist.  I purchased a few different parts of the hardware needed to construct a trellis.  I still need to get wire and anchors, but this is a great start.
  • 50  2"X8' metal trellis posts
  • 50 trellis post top brackets
  • 50 trellis post lower brackets
  • 6 rolls of drip line with emitters
It was fun going to get the hardware.  The seller used his loader with forks to lift the poles en masse into the trailer.

My dad went with me, and we took an old trailer that is super useful.  The sides come off the trailer, and our family has hauled all sorts of things with this trailer.

The parts are all used, but were an excellent deal.  Thanks again craigslist!

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N&M Boisselle said...

wow! It's really coming together!