October 3, 2003

If it bleeds, I can kill it...

So, I got home from school today, and there were police with cones and stuff everywhere! I thought something big had gone down in front of our apartment building. There was a fire- engine in the middle of the street and ambulances. I pulled up to the cop, and he said there was going to be a political rally. I went and parked my car, and got my camera and headed down to see what all the hub-bub was about.
It was Arnold! Arnold came to my apartment complex! And I got movies

  • Total Recall 9.4 Mb mpg The tour buses had names, such as: Predator 1-4, and Total Recall. 
  • "Villages and towns." 9.57 Mb mpg Classic Arnold: "Villages and towns, I’ll burn them to the ground!" (Ok, maybe i added a bit there)    
  • Hahahahahahahaha! All I can say about the California Recall is ’Vive La Idaho!’ 
  • Some news site photo.

Some photoshops i had found on the internet and hastily printed up to wave about.

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