December 3, 2004

Ye Olde Wyntertyme

It's about time for a news update! As the holiday season is upon us, i've been working on reading and drinking coffee. I've also been thinking about being a security guard of a baggage handler until I go back to school. I think I would enjoy either one of those. I've fixed numerous people's computers. I redesigned the webpage for the church I currently am attending. They now have a database driven website, where the administrators have the ability to upload files, pictures, video, and information without having to do any html. Although, a little html always helps things look much better. Plus, database driven means dynamic content, which is far easier to change things. As you can change one thing in one place that affects the whole site, rather than having to change them all. While there are programs that make it easier to do this in html (dreamweaver, frontpage), database driven is a far easier option.

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