August 1, 2005


Finished up a week of VBS in Twin Falls. That and the nearly three weeks of camp from june have stacked together to make this a very busy summer. Recently had the exhaust on my car fixed, also. The exhaust manifold had cracked on the passenger side, giving my convertible that 'racecar roar.' It also had warped rotors on the back brakes. So, I had those reground, and the car is driving much better.

I got some extra computers that were going to be recycled, and was able to install Fedora Core 4 on a Micron Clientpro (a very small desktop case). Fedora Core 4 runs Gnome and is pretty slick and fun to play around with. I've always enjoyed the Gnome desktop far more than KDE. Gnome reminds me of the GS/OS, where I spent my childhood learning to use a mouse. In the process of getting that computer running, I installed slackware, and was using the XFCE desktop interface, and really liked that one, also.

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