October 13, 2005

Perusal 10-13-5

     I recently picked up a few new books.  The top being Augustine's City of God.  Augustine, being the patron saint of brewers, and one of the most influential theologians of Christianity should have some good things to say.  He was writing at a time that was an apogee of paganism; which our culture is apparently moving back towards.  I also picked up the Oxford Dictionay of Celtic Mythology.  This is a fun book, as there are a bunch of interesting names and stories (well documented, too).  I noticed a bunch of names and constructions that other authors (mostly fantasy genre) have poached from the woods of different Celtic cultures.
    I also finished up the Amihai Mazar archaelogy book.  It was a good read, to see Isreal's archelogy from a different perspective.  It had loads of informative information, and at times was a little dry.  Sounding like someone reading a list of excavations and finds, but trying to make it exciting, and point out important notes.  I thought it was a little weak on the later archelogical sections (Iron Age), as far as information and research, comparatively.  I've also been reading through the Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity.  It is obviously well learned, and informative (and it has great pictures, too!).  As Tertullian might of said: "credo, quia absurdum!"  though very scholarly, it is not exactly the approach I would take, were I to write such a history (more pictures?).

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